The Indonesian Health Alert Card - Why It Is Important to Get One

Just what is the Indonesian Health Alert card? Well, it's a digital health warning card that will say how you can protect yourself if entering Indonesia.

The Indonesian Health Alert card is fundamentally the Indonesian 14 day quarantine restriction that you have to enter into the country. It can be accessed by you on the internet and from there you can download it on your cell phone and print it off.

What is the main focus of the card though? Indonesia has a huge outbreak of bird flu as you are probably aware however, the deadly disease known as bird flu, which is caused by an extremely contagious virus is mainly dealt with by also the Indonesian Health Emergency card.

What does this mean to you? This means you will need to stay away from any areas which are known to have the bird flu virus, but fortunately for you, the Indonesian Health Emergency card may even inform you which areas in Indonesia have the virus, in addition to how severe the bird influenza infection actually is.

Now of course this is not likely to halt the Avian Flu from spreading throughout Indonesia, or preventing the spread of the bird flu disease. What it does do is give you some good info so as to keep you on where you ought to avoid visiting Indonesia.

So this card tells you what areas you should avoid and what to do if you run into contact with Avian Flu. This is a card that helps people stop themselves from becoming sick in Indonesia.

When you apply for the card such as how long you have been residing in Indonesia and any contact you have had with Avian Flu. Then you'll be asked to give your contact details, such as friends members and your loved ones the Indonesian Health Emergency staff can contact you should there be a crisis.

As, along with your contact details you will also need to provide a medical details on yourself, including your annual wellness check-up, therefore the Indonesian Health Alert Card may send a specialist to your home. You ought to speak to the Indonesian Health Alert Card group straight away should you have to find a professional then.

And just in case you do receive the Avian Flu you ought to keep a list of your medical documents. It is quite difficult to find accurate information about your condition in Indonesia having all of the documentation available at hand can help you get your condition treated quickly.